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Steve Irwin Austrailia Zoo - Beerwah

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So one again we arrive at Noosa - a cool and trey little surf town, but we are short of time and no time to try out a surf lesson yet....

We want to visist the Zoo.. Terry loves his nature programmes and especially the crocodiles - Steve Irwin was a bit of a hero for Terry...

We catch a $5 dollar shuttle bus to and from the zoo from Noosa.

The welcome statue - Steven and His Family...

The Zoo has lots of the usual animals, and not just austrialian animals...


Giant tortorise..

Becs fed the elephants..

Friendly Tigers and tame cheetas



Kangeroo Heaven...

Otters - very cute...


And most impressively - the crocodiles.....

Lots of the enclosers were open so that the public could get up and close to the animals and feed them. The shows including bird, reptile, tiger and croc shows made our day. A brilliant day out - very sad though that Steve is not still there - though his wife and daughter are often there and run some of the shows.

Next stop Brisbane...

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Town of 1770 / Agnus Water

1770 Castaway Island

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Agnus Water / Town of 1770 are so small that they are kind of grouped together when it comes to visiting...
none the less there is loads to do at these little towns. unfortunately time ws not on our side so we couldn't fit everything in.... what we did do was an experience and something we will never forget..

Castaway 1770
Terry found a flyer for a cast away island... you basically get flown to an island cut off from the mainland and are left there for a minimum of 24hours....
Its not quite a drastic as it sounds, there is a little camp, with tents, 2 gas stoves and 2 guys there to cook your evening meal. So you dont have to build your own shelter or go hunting for your own food - but you could if you so wanted to!!

The flight there was unforgettable. A 4 man plain with a pilot called Woody. Woody made our stomach turn, but making us drop like a rollercoaster in the sky!!!! And the scenery was stunning...

So we arrive and meet Dave and Cameron who are there to make sure we survive on our dessert island....

The camp is just 2 stoves under a shelter and a few tents...

There are canoes, rubber rings, walking tracks... you can go and catch fish, go snorkling or fetch your own oysters from the rocks...

collecting oysters..

Terry and i went for a romantic walk for sunset.....
through a dried up river...

to a beautiful view across the other side of the island...

once we were back the boys were cooking us dinner (stew - yum yum - however if your on the isand for a while i can image 3 months of stew every night can get a bit boring)

Then we chatted around the camp fire, with our GOON (cheap wine) and toasted marshmellows..

Surviving our night on the island - not eaten by any creepy crawlies - we chilled out on the beach.

Bruce our pilot came to collect us - but before he started the trips back - some group photos...

Luckily we left the camera in the bag on the way back as the flight was a little hairy!!! Bruce played with us, doing tricks and making us fear for our lives by somersaulting the plane!
i was the lucky one in the from - and Bruce gave me control of the plane, i had to head for the landing strip, Take the controls Bruce, please please..... God i thought he was going to make me land the bloody thing - my palms were sweaty and my pulse racing. Bruce knew what he was doing the whole time and took back control when he needed to = PHEW - we landed safely - what a ride!!!

Relaxing on Agnus Water beach after our adventure..

It would have been good to stay and learn to surf and explore these little towns further - but our tight schedule to get back to syndey for NYE meant we had to continue on our way. Next stop Noosa!!

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Airlie Beach

Whitsunday Islands

semi-overcast 25 °C
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Airlie beach doesnt really have a great beach, but it does have a man made lagoon and great trips out to the Whitsunday islands....
Choosing our as easy - we are fast running out of money so went for the cheapest option!!!
The BIG FURY was running a christmas special at a discounted price. This was a one day speed boat trip the Whitsunday Islands, Whiteheaven beach and more Coral Reef...
our FURY speed boat..

It was a bumpy ride and we all got a little wet!!

First snorkelling to see more amazing and colourful coral reef and fish...

My very attractive stinger suit.... The guy on the boat called Becs a pocket rocket as she needed a childs suit!!!

Followed by soaking up the sun and lunch on the stunning beech of the whitsundays (whitehaven beech). Whitehaven Beach is 98% pure silica and we could see its ranked in the top 10 beaches in the world...

The island is home to huge lizards.. who made lunch time less than relaxing...

The sea is crystal clear and makes for perfect swimming..

Despite the herds of tourists the beach is still a peaceful and beautiful place - a couple flew in and got married on the beach whilst we were there...

Shame the bride was sea sick!!

After a wonderful day visiting the Whitsunday's it was time to head back to Airlie Beech. Later that night we caught the Greyhound bus to Agnus Waters.

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Townsville and Magnetic Island

Cuddling Koala's!!

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Townsville apparently offer too much for tourists but does have a ferry to the famous magnetic Island. Famous for its Koala bears, Becs was desperate to see one in the wild.

Magnetic Island has many bays and beaches (and jellyfish)!!
We stayed at horseshoe bay, in a koala and wildlife reserve.

Our little wooden hut...

We took a tour around the reserve, meeting the animals along the way.... We saw aussie animals for the first time including a wombat!!
Becs managed to conquer her fear of lizards, but maybe not snakes or 8 legged creatures!!....

Finally Becs got a cuddle with a koala - so so cute!! (the koala - not me)!!

So many pretty birds on the Island..

The FORTS walk was suppose to be the walk famous for spotting koalas in the wild - so I dragged Terry out on another walk...

Sunset at the FORT..

But unfortunately we didntt seen any koala's in the wild :(.

Next morning we took a bus and ferry back to Townsville before being picked up by our Greyhound Bus to Airlie Beach.

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Great Barrier Reef and Atherton Tablelands Rainforest Tour

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Having arrived in Sydney we decided to fly to Cairns and make our way back via the east coast to sydney in time to meet the girls for NYE.

Terry found a cute little hostel called Castaway,s a little outside Cairns centre. It was lovely, with a pool and BBQ area. The guy running it called Chris immediately upgraded us from a dorm to private room at the same price and helped us book some tours.
Cairns doesnt have a beach. The promenade runs along crocodile invested waters.... so instead the town has a man-made lagoon...
DSCN2817.jpg DSCN2818.jpg

So we decided to relax in the sun and have a swim...

Very strange seeing christmas decorations in the sunshine!!

Next day we went Scuba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef... with a company called Ocean Freedom.
We took a boat out to the reef. The day trip included snorkelling, an introductory dive, glass bottom boat and a yummy lunch.

Glass bottom boat..

Terry_Flood_023.jpg Terry_Flood_182.jpg

Coral reef
Terry_Flood_124.jpg Terry_Flood_005.jpgTerry_Flood_047.jpgTerry_Flood_188.jpg

We both loved our first scuba dive...
Terry_Flood_087.jpg Terry_Flood_141.jpgTerry_Flood_126.jpg
And even managed to get a few underwater photos of the coral, turtles and fish...

We even saw a little reef shark but Becs was too slow to get a snap!! but this Fish was preety big..

As well as the coral reef Cairns is famous for the rainforests - so we took a 2 day trip out to explore....

We did a 2 day, 1 night trip run by 'ON THE WALLABY' to the tropical Atherton Tablelands to explore the rainforest, lakes, waterfalls.

The day begun with a visit to the Catherdral Fig Tree...

And curtain Fig Tree

We visited the volcanic crater

We travelled through the picturesque countryside and went swimming at several pristine waterfalls, such as the famous Millaa Millaa, plus a jungle trek to view the raging Dinner Falls and World Heritage listed Mount Hypipamee National Park.

What you think this road sign means.. lol

Swan in Lake Barrine - one of Austrailias most beautigul lakes

And had our photos taken in the famous waterfall from Peter Andre's' Mysterious Girl' Video and some shampoo advert....
(probably better once it rained to get more water flowing but still pretty).....

And went in search of the platyapus.... which was much smaller than we imaged...

We stayed in the Wallaby lodge that night...

Day Two was more of an adventure day. We went on a guided mountain bike ride through the lush, green Atherton Tablelands countryside DSCN0578.jpg

Went for a rainforest walk and swim

And went for a swim in volcanic crater, Lake Eacham.

Terry's very artistic diving from the tree... ha ha ha ...

In the afternoon we explored a secluded area of Lake Tinaroo in 3 man canoes. Unfortunately we didnt see any tree kangaroos..

but we did give each other an Aboriginal ochre clay face paint!!!

After a good 2 days we were knackered and had an early night ready for our early bus to Townsville...

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