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News Zealand: South Island

Christchurch, Franz Joseph and Fox Glaciers, Wanaka, Dunedin and the Otago Pennisula, Milford Sounds and Queenstown

semi-overcast 20 °C
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Next up Christchurch..
We were a bit undecided about doing the red bus tour to see the effects of the earthquake in feb 2011 - but after speaking to the museum staff they said so many locals and tourists have been on it and it was very respectful to peoples feeling - we decided to tke a look...
quite devastating....

despite 70% of the city being destroyed by the earthquake christchurch still has a lot to do and see...
some of the new building are made from shipping containers - looking quite cool..
DSCN2334.jpg DSCN2333.jpg

Botonic gardens and river avon...

Antarctica Centre - you get to really experience what it would be like to be there - including a vehicle ride and a room where the temperature drops and wind chill / speed is reproduced... brrrrrrr...

Wildlife reserve to see KIWI's - no photos as they were in a nocturnal inclosure (in the dark)...

From Christchurch we headed west to the glaciers...

You could only get to the Franz Joseph glacier by Hellicoper because it has retreated so much... which obviously ups the price - so we decided that because we had already climbed over the peurto moreno glacier in Argentina that we would just admire these glaciers from afar!!
Franz Joseph...

Fox Glacier

We kinda stumbled on Wanaka whilst we were heading back to the east coast - so glad we did it was beautiful with lots to do..

Puzzle world.. (full of mazes and illusions)
DSCN2482.jpg DSCN2477.jpg

DSCN2489.jpg90_DSCN2495.jpg DSCN2507.jpg

Mini Golf and Driving Range... (avoiding the sheep)

Next we headed eastbound for Dunedin and the Otago Pennisula. He we drove around some stunning coast and caught a glimse of more seals and penguins. In dunedin we visited Cadburys world, Baldwin Street (the steepest street in the word) and the most photographed railway station in NZ....

Otago Pennisula...

Sandy Bay..
lovers leap...

Cadburys world.. (Terry's heaven)..

Baldwin Street


Next up time to see the beautiful Milford Sounds. We booked a boat trip and headed west again for the famous Milford. Unfortunately the weather was not like we had seen on the post cards - it poured with rain and at times so cloudy and dark we could hardly see the mountains on the other side...

Journey back from Milford...

Via Kingston..

Last Stop Queentown - for the highest Bungie in NZ, a famous FERG burger and viewing the beautifuol lakes surrounding the city....

A spot on indoor mini golf....

Gandola and LUGE

Bungie - Nevis 134m

Wow what an amazing 6 weeks in our little campervan. Jucy Lucy gave us so much freedom to explore and see some much more of NZ's stunning scenery and wildlife. A beautiful country and one that both Terry and I would return to without a doubt.

Next Adventure - Austrialia...

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News Zealand - South Island

Abel Tasman, Nelson, Marlborough, Kaikoura, Hanmer Springs

sunny 15 °C
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So First off in the south Island we headed to Abel Tasman National Park via the Queen Charlotte Drive DSCN2178.jpg

and Nelson (Pelorus bridge)

See our photos of the glorious north coast of the Abel Tasman - from our 6hour hike.....

And Terry's first fire to keep us warm after our long walk

Next up the Marlborough Region - where my favourite wine comes from!!!
So a spot of bike riding to many different and delicious vinyards for a spot of wine tasting..... (for FREE or £2.50 per person - cant go wrong)!!
See our snaps from Blenhiem and Renwick....

From the wine region (pulling myself away) we headed down the east coast to Kaikoura to see the Seal colonies...

Feeling a little achey from alltrip to this driving we decided to take a trip to Hanmer Springs before Christchurch for some relaxing in the hot pools...
and having fun like big kids on the water slides - weather was not too warm but water was lovely and hot so didnt matter!! The Sulphur pools were a bit smelly!

Next Stop Christchurch...

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New Zealand - North Island

Waikato, Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty, Napier, Taupo, Huke Falls and Wellington

all seasons in one day
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So from Northland we headed south - see map for our route...

We wanted to go to the coromandel - but the rain was so heavy - hot water beach would be no fun in the heavy rain...

Instead we went

Black Water Rafting in the Waikato glow worm caves.....

karangahake gorge
0D7B6CD82219AC6817F1232B572CFF49.jpgDSCN2060.jpg DSCN2055.jpg

Spent a few nights in the smelliest place i have ever been - Rotorua (Geisers and Hot Mud Pools)

Taupo - beautiful lakes

Huka Falls

Cycling around beautiful Napier

Wellington (Ferry to Picton)

Just a sample of our tasty dinners..

North Island has beautiful coasts and beaches would probably been more enjoyable in the summer but still we had some warm and suny days amongst the rain. The roads are so steep and winding aorund the coast lines and mountians. Napier was a lovely little town with wineries and a lovely harbour. Its amazing the whole place - everywhere you go is surrounded by sea and lakes and habours.

Now for the South Island....

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New Zealand - North Island - Northland

Northland - amazing coast and beeches (and a very winding road)

all seasons in one day 15 °C
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So keeping a blog in New Zealand for us is impossible.....

We have hired a Campervan (big car) Called Jucy Lucy.. she is wonderful, very snug and sometimes claustrophobic...... taking us to some beautiful and off the beaten track places... but we have little or no interent.
DSCN1984.jpg DSCN1934.jpg DSCN1759.jpg

Mostely we are trying to stay in DOC (department of conservation sites) with just toilets as they the cheapest way to camp. At times we use holiday park, whilst these are luxury and have hot showers they are expensive for us and still charge for interent!!!

So unfortunaltely our New Zealand blog will mainly consist of a mainly photos with little comentary (probably less painful for the reader)!!!

We started in the North Island (see map for our route)... we visited some friends of mine Gemma Keston, her partner Phil, and their son Kaden - they were wonderful hosts and we had a bed for 2 nights, hot showers and ate like kings!!! oh and one night the 4 of us managed to drink 13 bottles of wine (i think it was mainly the boys as i would have been in hospital and very hung over if i had contributed to this amount - of which i had neither)!!!!

Next we set off to the north of the North Island - known as northland!!!!

We drove up east coast, ninety mile beach to the very top and drove back down the west coast.
In Northland we also went to glow worm caves and visited the Zion - The Lion Man... (from the TV show - we saw the actual Lion from Narnia)!!!

East Coast
DSCN1906.jpg DSCN1919.jpg DSCN1936.jpg DSCN1948.jpg

90 mile beach, sand dunes and Cape Reinga (most northern point of New Zealand)
DSCN2020.jpgDSCN2025.jpgDSCN2027.jpgDSCN2024.jpgDSCN2014.jpg DSCN2012.jpg

Cape Reinga

Glow Worm Caves

The Lion Man - ZION

Terry absolutely loves lions and what better to do on a rainy day..

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Last stop in South America

sunny 28 °C
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We arrive in Santiago after our last bus journey (To be fair I actually really enjoyed the buses - got to see so much of the country that way). We manage to work out the Metro and take the underground to our hostel... Our hostel took a little time to find, being on the 6th floor we though it would be easy but the entrance was amoungst a massive row of fast food outlets - suprising as we were located right on the plaza....
View from our hostel - Plaza De Armas... what a view... we were right in the centre of Santiago!!

So with 2 days to go till we headed for New Zealand we didnt feel like doing to much..

The first day we took a free city tour around the city centre.

We saw a parade at the presedential palace...

Saw Chiles version of Christ (above a catholic university)!!

And came accross some nice parks - park between central and bella vista.

That evening we cooked dinner and made a few pisco sours on the balcony - how civilised!!

Our last full day in Santiago we visited Bella Vista (the up and coming / trendy area with all the bars and stuff!!
As we followed the pretty park walk we came across Ben (from Pucon) sitting on a park bench!!! Ben joined our trek to the top of the Crisobal hill to see the Virgin.

The Uphill walk took us about an hour. Not that easy in boat shoes or flip flops and the baking hot sun.
We spent most of the afternoon admiring the Virgin, the church and the tributes .....
DSCN1734.jpg DSCN1738.jpg DSCN1742.jpg DSCN1744.jpg

We got a little lost on the way down but eventually made it down to the bottom and congratulated ourselves with a beer or many!!

Later that we met up with James (from Pucon) for a few more beers - the perfect end to our amazing 4 months in South America.....

Next day we caught our flight to New Zealand!!!!

So how to sum up our Journey in South America....
Amazing, impressive landscape and scenery (just stunning), easy to get about, so many great people, so much fun.... the best thing we ever did!!!!

Now for a new and probably very different experience in NZ!!!

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